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Research topics

Our research focuses on four main themes related to sedimentary basins:

1. Tectonics, sedimentation and paleogeography

The study of the structural framework, sedimentation patterns and paleogeography of sedimentary basins as well as its relationships with basin-forming mechanisms, magmatic activity and postdepositional deformation

Keywords: geodynamic setting, sedimentary provenance, geological mapping, structural analysis, stratigraphic analysis, continental evolution, geochronology, Gondwana, magmatism.


Strike-slip model inferred for the evolution of a postcollisional late Neoproterozoic basin (Guaratubinha Basin) - Barão (2016)

Reconstruction of Carboniferous glacial paleogeography in eastern Paraná Basin (Rosa et al, 2019)

2. Dynamic stratigraphy

The study of the architecture and evolution of sedimentary systems from beds to depositional sequences to unravel the autogenic and allogenic controls on sedimentation and its impacts on georesources.

Keywords: facies analysis, depositional dynamics, sequence stratigraphy, architectural elements


Facies architecture and depositional model of Quaternary barrier-beach deposits in the Paraná coastal plain  (Berton et al., 2019)


Coherence map of a seismic time slice showing submarine channels in the Santos Basin


Photomicrographs of selected palinomorphs retrieved from an early Permian glacial succession in the Paraná Basin  (Mottin et al., 2018)

3. Deformation in sediments and sedimentary rocks

The study of processes and products of deformation in sedimentary deposits including its relationships with tectonics and sedimentation, diagenetic history and impacts on the porous system. 

Keywords: brittle deformation, structural diagenesis, deformation bands, microstructures, clay smear, soft-sediment deformation.


Photomicrograph of a naturally fractured Carboniferous sandstone showing microfractures and strong iron-oxide cementation reducing porosity (Trzaskos et al., 2007).

Examples of soft-sediment deformation in core samples from early Cretaceous rocks in the Recôncavo Basin, NE Brazil

4. Reservoir characterization and modelling

The study of the geological controls on heterogeneities and petrophysical properties of reservoir rocks through the integration of outcrop and subsurface data.

Keywords: porous system, diagenesis, tight gas, outcrop analogs, seismic attributes

3D Microtomography of a deformation band in sandstone highlighting its influence on porosity and permeability (Rodrigues et al., 2015)


Example of integration of facies, petrophysical and geochemical data for reservoir characterization in a shallow well core in the Paraná Basin (Neves et al., 2019).

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