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In the field

Below are some photos from field work, classes and seminars


Form left: Mérolyn, Lara and Deise in the Frades island examining outcrops of the Recôncavo Basin.

From left: John Isbell, Kate Pauls, Fernando Vesely, Bruno "Itararé" Souza, Eduardo "Borboleta" da Rosa, Nick Fedorchuk and James Amato during field work in southern Paraná Basin


Most outcrops in the Recôncavo Basin are accessible only by boat.

Setting up field camping in the Paraná Basin (Itararé Hotel)


With Alex Lombardo (UC-Davis student) during field work in the Vila Velha sandstone.

With professors Bira Faccini, Paulo Paim and Ernesto Lavina in the Paganzo Basin, Argentina

One of the main "roads" to the Guaratubinha Basin in the middle of the Atlantic rainforest.


Aurora in the Aquidauana river, western Brazil


Looking at deformed facies in the Recôncavo rift

Barbara on a modern salt pan in Death Valley

Thammy describes Jurassic fluvial and eolian deposits in the Paraná Basin


Lara enjoying Cretaceous rocks in the Recôncavo Basin, NE Brazil

A discussion in front of Carboniferous glacial deposits

Posing for photo after measuring a section

2016 field class on Carboniferous glacial deposits  

Dani Schemiko on Jurassic eolian sandstones of the Paraná Basin

Examining deformation in mass-transport deposits

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