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North and northeast Brazil

The Phanerozoic from N and NE Brazil contains a rich geological archive including Gondwanian paleoenvironments, intracontinental rifts and post-breakup interior basins.

Devonian sandstones exposed at the margins of the Tapajós River  (Amazonas Basin)


Gently folded Early Cretaceous deltaic rocks in the Recôncavo Basin (Itaparica island)


Peculiar dewatering structures in the Recôncavo Basin (Frades island)


Jurassic pre-rift fluvio-eolian sandstones in Barra do Paraguaçu (Recôncavo Basin)

Mining of Aptian evaporites in the Parnaíba Basin, NE Brazil


Ostracod-rich lacustrine beds in the Cretaceous Araripe Basin

Sunset in the Araripe Basin

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