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Recent papers with the participation of LABAP members


Mottin, T.E., Iannuzzi, R., Vesely, F.F., Montañez, I.P., Griffis, N., Canata, R.E., Barão, L.M., Silveira, D.M., Garcia, A.M. 2022. A glimpse of a Gondwanan postglacial fossil forest, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 588, 110814.

Yamassaki, H.S., Vesely, F.F. 2022. Timelapse of the geomorphologic and stratigraphic evolution of a Late Cretaceous deep-sea fan, northern Santos basin, Brazil, Marine and Petroleum Geology 136, 105475.



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Griffis, N.P., Montanez, I., Mundil, R., Le Heron, D., Dietrich, P., Kettler, C., Linol, B., Mottin, T.E., Vesely, F.F., Iannuzzi, R., Huyskens, M., Yin, Q.-Z., 2021. High-latitude ice and climate control on sediment supply across SW Gondwana during the late Carboniferous and early Permian. Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 133 (9–10), 2113–2124.

Isbell, J.L., Vesely, F.F., Rosa, E.L.M., Pauls, K.N., Fedorchuk, N.D., Ives, L.R.W., McNall, N.B., Litwin, S.A., Borucki, M.K., Malone, J.E., Kusick, A.R. 2021. Evaluation of physical and chemical proxies used to interpret past glaciations with a focus on the late Paleozoic Ice Age, Earth-Science Reviews 221, 103756.

Rodrigues, M.C.N.L., Trzaskos, B., Alsop, I., Vesely, F.F., Mottin, T.E., Schemiko, D.C.B.S. 2021. Statistical analysis of structures commonly used to determine palaeoslopes from within mass-transport deposits. Journal of Structural Geology 151,104421, ISSN 0191-8141.

Vesely, F.F., Assine, M.L., França, A.B., Paim, P.S.G., Rostirolla, S.P., 2020. Tunnel-valley fills in the Paraná Basin and their implications for the extent of late Paleozoic glaciation in SW Gondwana. J. South Am. Earth Sci.


Barão, L.M.; Trzaskos, B.; Angulo, R.J.; Souza, M.C., Daufenbach, H.F., Santos, F.A., Vasconcellos, E.M.G. 2020. Deformational structures developed in volcanic sequences as a product of tectonic adjustments in the South Atlantic Ocean. Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Barão, L.M.; Trzaskos, B.; Angulo, R.J.; Souza, M.C. 2020. Deformation and structural evolution of mantle peridotites during exhumation on transform faults: A forced transition from ductile to brittle regime. Journal of Structural Geology

Rodrigues, M.C.N.L., Trzaskos, B. Alsop, G.I., Vesely, F.F. 2020. Making a homogenite: An outcrop perspective into the evolution of deformation within mass-transport deposits. Marine and Petroleum Geology

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Fedorchuk, N.D., Isbell, J.L., Griffis, N.; Vesely, F.F., Rosa, E.L.M., Montanez, I., Mundil, R., Yin, Q.Z., Iannuzzi, R., Roesler, G., Pauls, K. N. 2019. Carboniferous glaciotectonized sediments in the southernmost Paraná Basin, Brazil: Ice marginal dynamics and paleoclimate indicators. Sedimentary Geology

Fedorchuk, N.D., Isbell, J.L., Griffis, N.P., Montañez, I.P., Vesely, F.F., Iannuzzi, R., Mundil, R., Yin, Q.Z., Pauls, K.N., Rosa, E.L.M. 2019. Origin of paleovalleys on the Rio Grande do Sul Shield (Brazil): Implications for the extent of late Paleozoic glaciation in west-central Gondwana. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

Griffis, N.P., Montañez, I.P., Mundil, R.,  Richey, J.,  Isbell, J., Fedorchuk, N., Linol, B.,  Iannuzzi, R., Vesely, F., Mottin, T., Rosa, E., Keller, B.,  Yin Q.-Z. 2019. Coupled stratigraphic and U-Pb zircon age constraints on the late Paleozoic icehouse-to-greenhouse turnover in south-central Gondwana. Geology, 47. , pp. 1146-1150

Griffis, N.P., Montañez, I.P., Fedorchuk, N.D., Isbell, J.L., Mundil, R., Vesely, F.F., Weinshultz, L., Iannuzzi, R., Gulbranson, E., Taboada, A., Pagani, A., Sanborn, M.E., Huyskens, M., Wimpenny, J., Linol, B., Yin, Q.Z., 2019. Isotopes to ice: Constraining provenance of glacial deposits and ice centers in west-central Gondwana. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology


Neves, L.F., Guedes, C.C.F., Vesely, F.F., 2019. Facies, petrophysical and geochemical properties of gravity-flow deposits in reservoir analogs from the Itararé Group (late Carboniferous), Paraná Basin, Brazil. Marine and Petroleum Geology

Rosa, E.L.M., Vesely, F.F., Isbell, J.L., Kipper, F., Fedorchuk, N.D. 2019. Constraining the timing, kinematics and cyclicity of Mississippian-early Pennsylvanian glaciations in the Paraná Basin, Brazil. Sedimentary Geology

Schemiko, D.C.B., Vesely, F.F., Rodrigues, M.C.N.L. 2019. Deepwater to fluvio-deltaic stratigraphic evolution of a deglaciated depocenter: The early Permian Rio do Sul and Rio Bonito formations, southern Brazil. Journal of South American Earth Sciences


Assine, M.L.; de Santa Ana, H.; Veroslavsky, G.; Vesely, F.F. 2018. Exhumed subglacial landscape in Uruguay: Erosional landforms, depositional environments, and paleo-ice flow in the context of the late Paleozoic Gondwanan glaciation. Sedimentary Geology


Berton, F.; Vesely, F.F. 2018. Origin of buried, bottom current-related comet marks and associated submarine bedforms from a Paleogene continental margin, southeastern Brazil. Marine Geology 395, 347-362


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Barão, L.M.; Trzaskos, B.; Vesely, F.F.; Castro, L.G.; Ferreira, F.J.F.; Vasconcellos, E.M.G.; Barbosa, T.C. 2017. The role of post-collisional strike-slip tectonics in the geological evolution of the late Neoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary Guaratubinha Basin, southern Brazil. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 80, 29-46

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Fossen, H.; Soliva, R.; Ballas, G.; Trzaskos, B.; Cavalcante, G.C.; Schultz, R.A. 2017. A review of deformation bands in reservoir sandstones: geometries, mechanisms and distribution. In: Ashton, M., Dee, S. J. & Wennberg, O. P. (eds) Subseismic-Scale Reservoir Deformation. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 459


Kipper, F.; Souza, P.A.Vesely, F.F. 2017. Palinomorfos pennsilvanianos da Formação Lagoa Azul (base do Grupo Itararé, Bacia do Paraná) no sudeste do Estado do Paraná. Pesquisas em Geociências 44, 93-108 pdf


Vesely, F.F.; Schemiko, D.C.B., 2017. Comment on “From source to sink: The late Permian SW Gondwana paleogeography and sedimentary dispersion unraveled by a multi-proxy analysis” by Alessandretti et al. (2016). Journal of South American Earth Sciences, in press



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2013 - 2011

Vesely, F. F.; Sowek, G.A.; Ferreira, F.J.F.; Berton, F. 2013. Assinatura gamaespectrométrica de depósitos fluviais: estudo de caso na Formação Rio do Rasto, Permiano Superior da Bacia do Paraná. Geologia USP Série Científica 13, 83-98

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Vesely, F.F. 2011. Sulcos de origem glacial em arenitos neocarboníferos do Parque Estadual de Vila Velha, sudeste do Paraná. Geociências 30, 589-599 pdf

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