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Glacial geology

The study of past glaciations can provide clues to predict the effects of climate changes. These are some photos of deposits and landforms from Paleoproterozoic to modern glacial environments.

Dropstone in early Proterozoic glacial deposits of the Gowganda Formation near Elliot Lake, Canada

UWM Glacial sedimentology field seminar in Wisconsin.

Bluff exposure of Pleistocene glacial sediments in Lake Michigan.

Glacial striations of the Late Cenozoic Ice Age carved on Early Proterozoic diamictite, Ontario.

Outlet glacier from Vatnajökull ice cap, southern Iceland


Glacial till in a modern terminal moraine in southern Iceland.


Carboniferous glaciotectonic deformation formed by the northward advance of the Uruguay ice lobe on unconsolidated sediments of the Paraná Basin

Carboniferous soft-sediment glacial grooved surface in southern Paraná Basin


Striated clast in diamictite of the Aquidauana Formation providing evidence for late Paleozoic glaciation in western Brazil

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