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Current group participants (click on name for details)

Principal investigators

Prof. Barbara Trzaskos
Structural analysis and tectonics
Prof. Carlos Guedes
Sedimentology and sedimentary petrology

Prof. Carolina Aquino
Clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy
Prof. Fernando Vesely
Clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy
Post-doctoral fellows

Victoria Valdez Buso
Current research: Pinchout geometries in deepwater stratigraphic traps
Mérolyn Rodrigues
Current research: Processes and products of soft-sediment deformation
PhD students

Deise Silveira
Current research: Stratigraphic architecture of the Recôncavo rift 

Lara Ferreira Neves
Current research: Reservoir properties of remobilized sands

Ronaldo Kraft
Current research: Stratigraphic framework and heterogeneities of mass-transport complexes

Thammy Mottin
Current research: Stratigraphy and paleogeography of the late Paleozoic glacial-postglacial transition in the Paraná Basin

MSc students

Andreas Pauli de Castro
Current research: Sedimentary provenance of sin-rift deposits from the Recôncavo Basin

Bruno Gomes de Souza
Current research: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of late Paleozoic glacial deposits in the Paraná Basin

Leticia Betezek Monteiro
Current research: Reservoir geomechanics

Vanessa da Silva Reis Assis
Current research: Application of seismic attributes to delineate mass-transport deposits

Undergrad students

Clara Costa Polanski
Current research: Analysis of deformation structures in well core
Andressa Rizzi Kuzjman
Current research: The use of Machine Learning in lithological identification from well logs

Giovana Rebelo Diório
Current research: Salt tectonics and sedimentation in northern Santos Basin

Leticya Emanoelly Tarczewski
Current research: Sedimentology of sin-rift deposits from core analysis

Veronica Marcon Rosa
Current research: Seismic interpretation of paleocanyon fills in the Santos Basin


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