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The dry climate of the Argentinean Andes favors spectacular rock exposures that serve as field laboratories for basin studies.

The Andes from Barreal

Climbing megaripples and associated cut-and-fill features from a deepwater succession in the Austral Basin

Carboniferous mass-transport deposits and ponded turbidites from Cerro Bola, NW Argentina

Deep marine Miocene deposits of the Austral Basin exposed in coastal cliffs in Tierra del Fuego during low tide 

Carboniferous valley-fill deposits, Talacasto paleovalley

Thick and thin-bedded turbidites from a Carboniferous deepwater succession, La Rioja.

Unconformable boundary between Ordovician limestones and Carboniferous rhythmites in Cuesta de Huaco, San Juan province.

Modern playa lake near Barreal.

Quaternary alluvial fan deposits in the San Juan river valley.

Flame structures in deep marine Miocene deposits, Tierra del Fuego.

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