Group history

Past projects

2002-2004: Modelling of fractured reservoirs based on outcrop analogs - funded by Petrobras

2003-2005: Paleozoic basins and petroleum systems in southern South America - funded by Petrobras

2008-2010: Structural-stratigraphic characterization of the Amazonas Basin - funded by Petrobras

2009-2011: Structural-stratigraphic characterization of western Parnaíba Basin - funded by Petrobras

2012-2015: Aptian paleogeography of interior basins in northeastern Brazil (UNESP) - funded by Petrobras

2012-2014: Late Paleozoic de-glacial deposits in the Paraná Basin (Brazil) and their analogue in the Paganzo Basin (Argentina) - impacts on reservoir prediction (UNISINOS) - funded by BG

2013-2016: Tectonics, sedimentation and magmatism in the Guaratubinha Basin - funded by CNPq

2014-2018: Mass-transport deposits in the Paraná Basin - funded by CNPq

2018-2020: Paleogeography of the late Paleozoic ice age in SW Gondwana - funded by CNPq

Former members

Fabio Berton - now in Equinor

Renata Zanella - now in UFRJ

Bruno Merss

Danielle Schemiko

Felipe Kipper - now in UFRGS

João Suss

Guilherme Sowek - now in Repsol

Eduardo da Rosa - now in UWM

Aurora Machado Garcia - now in University of Oslo