Ongoing research projects

LABAP Projects with financial support

2021-2025: Stratigraphic signature of past glaciations and its paleoclimatic implications - funded by CNPq


2020-2022: Deformation in sediments and sedimentary rocks - funded by CNPq

2020-2021: Advanced study on the porous system of geological reservoirs in the Paraná Basin - funded by UFPR

2018-2022: Assessing sedimentologic, stratigraphic and tectonic controls on the distribution and quality of clastic reservoirs - funded by Petrobras



Collaborative projects

2017-2019: Late Paleozoic glaciation-climate dynamics in west-central Gondwana: geochronologic, sedimentologic, and paleoclimate insight, Paraná Basin, Brazil (UC-Davis and UWM) - funded by NSF

2017-2019: The late Carboniferous - early Permian megafloristic succession in the Paraná Basin and climate change (UFRGS) - funded by CNPq


We have collaborative research with the following universities:

Prof. Paulo Paim

Prof. Roberto Iannuzzi

Prof. Paulo A. Souza


Prof. Claus Fallgatter

Prof. John Isbell

Prof. Mario Assine

Prof. Isabel Montañez

Prof. Ian Alsop


Our research is financially supported by the following agencies/companies: